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Range of alternative dresses to choose from. Few casual style dresses, some steampunk and psytrance designs and bohemian dresses.

Multiway dresses. Some of our dresses can be worn and transformed in many ways by the use of adjusting strings. Imagine that with couple of pull ups you can change the style of your long dress into a short dress or even convert it into trousers! The sun came out? ... you have it covered. Whatever you feel you can now express through your clothes on the go. Look for multiway, multifunctional and convertible dresses from the range below.

Other styles include: asymmetrical dresses, fairy dresses, A-line dresses, hippie and bohemian dresses.

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Casual style dress made of burnout lycra. Look amazing with this special burnout lycra pattern.
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Casual dress made of burnout lycra. Slight A-shape. Perfect for warmer days. Shine this summer!!!
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Large hood dress with open back that the style can be custom adjusted with the use of pull up strings. Experiment with this multiway dress!!!
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Bohemian dress that has A-line shape. Beautiful lace additions and a large funky pocket on the side. Elven dress
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Very short steampunk dress with ruffled hemline and lace additions. Burlesque and steampunk fashion from EarthyWear
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Multiway dress that the look can be easily changed with the use of pul up strings. Large hood and burnout lycra pattern to add to it!
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Short dress or longer top. Full lace at the back and burnout lycra pattern at the lower part. Perfect for the summer. Alternative clothing from EarthyWear

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